Jon Davies

Bjorn Ledwig

Director, ECOWINDOWS Ltd


Bjorn Ledwig is a joiner and window manufacturer of ECOWINDOWS in Raglan. Bjorn is the technical expert in the company with his skills and training stemming from Germany where he received his trade certificate in joinery manufacturing in 1995.

Having worked in Germany as a tradesperson for a number of years, he moved to New Zealand and started a joinery business which today we know as the high quality joinery manufacturer ECOWINDOWS.

ECOWINDOWS was launched in 2007 and has been manufacturing European style joinery ever since. Many high specification homes in New Zealand have ECOWINDOWS joinery installed, including the first and second passive houses ever build in New Zealand. Along with his business partner Thomas Wessling, Bjorn and Thomas have grown ECOWINDOWS into one of the leading manufacturers of tilt and turn windows in New Zealand.


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